Team up with Thompson Management

Owning rental property is a smart way to pad your income, based on the APOD you can build long-term equity and diversify your portfolio. 
It can also be a full time job which is why it's important to team up with a property manager who knows the industry and local market. Focus on your passive investing strategy and leave things like 2 a.m. phone calls to the pros. 
Here are just some of the benefits of working with Thompson management. 
  • Less work for you: Property managers handle all of the administrative and operational responsibilities, so you can focus on optimizing your passive investment strategies
  • expert advice: Make smarter decisions regarding your rental property. From repairs and maintenance to screening tenants. We know the ropes inside and out.
  • Investing freedom: Having a trusted property manager on the ground lets you buy in the best markets for property investing, no matter where you live.
  • I've been managing property approaching 40 years. During those years I have clearly learned that property management is behavioral management, managing a building is easy, managing people can be hard. I have systems in place that manages both tenant behaviors and building.