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Types of tenancies and how used with rentals. Less than freehold estates and the bundle of rights. Video # 190
Tenant types and building types. Video #37
Importance of a tenant guide books. Pre-thought out answers to anticipated problems. Nip it in the butt with solutions before the issues even arise  Video #129
30 day notices and 15 day notices to move.  Tenancy at Will, and other types of less then freehold estates. Video #129
How to separate gas utilities equally between tenants. Video #416.
Property management services Video #2
Interested in buying rentals or a home to live in? Video #311
Tenant videos on cleaning your place right the 1st time. Video #691 
Tenant video: It is easier to keep things clean then it is to make things clean. During your stay keep on top of things when keeping your place clean, Video #796 
Rental policies that attract the best tenants, how that works. Video #619
Neighborhood Cycle- Neighborhood change and DUST. Appraisal terms. Sample video, top of this page Video #15
The step by step process for tenants, when moving. Video #24
Sound bites from tenants. It's cleaner now then it was when we moved in, 40 years of matching soundbites. Very interesting. Video 721
How to sell your property right the first time. Demand, Utility, Scarcity, Transferability = DUST, APOD, NOI, GRM, NRM and who will be buying your rental or home. Regardless of who you list your property with, the exact same buyer will end up buying the property. This lengthy video is packed with valuable information on selling your property right the first time.  Video 4
Property management VS Behavioral management. There is more to property management then being a care taker.  Video 16
How to find, buy, manage your first closing. Video 870
More topics coming