Maintenance requests

Please note the following link if your heating and air is not working.
The communication process below only  
works if you are a current resident. Once you
 move your information is deleted from tenant
 communication ID system.
 So if you no longer rent from us you will need
 to review the move out process found at the
top page of your lease.
When we reviewed the lease, at lease signing,
we reviewed Exhibit D, scheduling
maintenance. Please reference to that exhibit
found in your lease packet.
We've placed it below as well.
This process is much faster then an Email portal.
24 hour TEXTING 435-753-8180 
State your name
Your address and Apt number
Phone numbers 
Request in detail without giving a  l  o  n  g   s  t  o  r  y 
24 hour calling and leaving a message. This won't be the fastest way to connect, texting 435-753-8180 will be much faster, so if you're not in a hurry for the maintenance request, call 435-915-3464 Ext:4357
State your name
Your address and Apt number
Phone numbers
Request in detail without giving a l o n g s t o r y
Thank you for following the communication process
concerning maintenance and emergencies.
Communication with regard to moving out must be done in 
writing and mailed US Postal. See lease for details and reference to the move out process in your lease.
We value you as a resident, thank you for following the lease and exhibits to the lease