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There is more to property management then being a care taker.

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Investor Services

Effective and efficient management of any real estate investment is the key to a successful venture. Whether you need long term management of your investment properties or more unique services

Thompson Management customers receive the following as a part of our comprehensive property management services


Property Evaluation

We’ll conduct a thorough evaluation of your property’s rental potential, comparing similar properties and analyzing current rental market trends. We also assess each property’s condition and offer recommendations for needed repairs and updates to maximize your property’s value. You’ll receive monthly and annual reports detailing all activities involving your property.



Once the right tenant is found, we prepare all the documentation, ensuring stringent legal compliance. We ensure that all requirements of the lease are clearly explained to the tenants, verifying that the tenant has read and understood their obligations. Move-in conditions are documented and recommendations for proper care for the property are provided to tenants. Required accounting for security deposits are handled by Thompson Management at the end of the lease.


Financial Services

Thompson Management will provide you with comprehensive financial information about your real estate investments. Our experienced staff uses the latest computerized property management software that details revenues and expenses, allowing you to simplify your tax return easily and accurately. 


Monitoring & Lease Enforcement

Leases are enforced through periodic inspections of the property evaluating cleanliness, safety, mechanical and structural components, and damage to the property. Both owners and tenants are promptly notified of any concerns involving the property and tenants are back-charged for any damages incurred, during their tenancy.


Management Plan

Thompson Management will develop a comprehensive Management Plan identifying advertising and marketing strategies designed to achieve maximum effectiveness and generate qualified tenants for your property. All properties are evaluated each year to insure that goals are being met for occupancy, rentals, and renewals.



We place the newspaper ads for you, describing the features and benefits of your property to prospective tenants. Our available properties are listed on our website and other useful online rental sites. Rental signs are placed at the property and a comprehensive list of all properties is available. 


Tenant Selection

We will "physically" show your property, we do not hand out keys, and we'll review tenant applications using a selective and detailed screening process to find the most qualified resident for your property.


Maintenance Services

Our highly skilled vendors are available to take care of emergency needs around the clock as well as providing routine maintenance including plumbing, electrical and sheet rock repairs, painting, carpet and vinyl installation, landscaping, mowing, and snow removal, etc. Whatever the maintenance task, requiring interior or exterior attentions, we can handle it.

We manage property for a living. We will never have our own in house maintenance company creating extra work to take a bite out of your rental income. We use trained vendors who do it right the first time. Not in house maintenance employees who train and practice on your properties.

30 to 40 percent of property management company income is made off your properties in the event you choose a management company with an in house maintenance team, It actually costs you more money if you go this route. We'll explain in detail when we meet.

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We have been managing property since 1982. During that time period we have come to clearly understand different management types and the ingredients that make a good property manager. 

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