When Its Time To Move

At some point in time everyone leaves the rental life to purchase a home of their own. Here are a few tips in doing so.
  1. Be sure to follow all the terms of the lease. Move out notices etc. If you can give your landlord heads up even 2 to 3 month's in advance that would help them a lot
  2.  Allow your landlord to show your place so they can secure a new renter.
  3. Most landlords rather not have you leave. In most cases they won't allow you to break your lease or even sell your contract, that's understandable and you'll need to respect that.Thompson Management won't allow selling contracts etc. without management talking with the owner first. In most cases you'll need to honor the terms of that lease.
  4. Your best move in this direction is to respect and honor the terms of the lease.
When that time comes it's important to use a seasoned agent. Someone who knows and understands the first time home buying market. Someone looking out for your best interest.